4th Annual Structures Graduate Students Conference
September 7th, 2018 The Royal Glenora Club
Annual Structures Graduate Students Conference 2018
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About us

Structural Engineering is the discipline involved in the analysis and design of load carrying structural components and systems.

Structural engineers determine the forces that elements of the structure must resist, select the materials and dimensions so that the structure will safely withstand those forces.



Our research includes analytical and experimental work in a variety of structural engineering applications. On the materials side, our researchers are experts in:

  • Reinforced Concrete,
  • Masonry,
  • Timber,
  • Steel, and
  • Structural Biological Materials (bones and joints).


Our Structural Engineering Group at the University of Alberta is composed of multiple researchers in a variety of fields.

When we talk about the People being part of this group we talk about professors, researchers and students.


Research Facilities

The existing facilities at the University of Alberta allow the researchers to conduct all type of experimental work according to their area of study. This includes small and large scale tests.


Grad Students

The Structural Engineering Group wouldn’t be possible without the presence of the Grad Students.  Focused on their own area of interests, students from Canada and all over the world gather together at the University of Alberta to pursue their Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) or Ph.D. degrees.



The conferences, seminars, workshops and all kind of presentations represent a plus in the formation of the Structural Engineers at the University of Alberta.

Either it can be a guest speaker from industry or the same students in the program the ones giving these presentations to the rest of the community involved in the area of interest.


The work done by the students, professors and researchers is presented on this page, where the access can be requested according to the area of research that you are interested in.


Industry Partners

The different Industrial partners represent an important role in the creation of new knowledge. The needs that the different industries face every day become problems to solve by the students and professors at the University of Alberta.

Thanks have to be given as well to the companies that have contributed financially to the projected developed in the Structures Group at the University of Alberta.