Concrete Laboratory

There are different machines and equipment such as hydraulic MTS machine, mixing machine, and etc in the concrete lab for the students to conduct their researches. There is a full set of tools and materials for making concrete in the lab. The curing room is working 24/7 for the research samples.

Hydraulic MTS Machine which can provide compression or tensile test. Stresses and strains can be measured using the LVDTs.

Super L-400 model Tinius Olsen Testing Machine which can provide compression, tensile tests or splitting tests.

There are different concrete mixers available in the lab. Gravity mixers can provide a constant mixing rate caused by the gravity.  Mortar mixers can provide different  mixing rates by controlling the speed of the paddle.Gravity mixer works the best for the mixes with large aggregates while the mortar mixer is more efficient for the mixes such as mortar and paste.