3rd Annual

Structures Graduate Students Conference (SGSC)

Committee Team 2017

Back: Onyekachi Ndubuaku, Chike Okoloekwe, Daniel Unsworth, Jesús Salazar,Maliheh Ghaneei
Front: Safa Masajedian, Abdul Mirdad,Fatemeh Fallahi Arezodar, Jonelle Jn Baptiste, Dimple Ji

Conference Chairs: Dimple Ji & Maliheh Ghaneei

Marketing Coordinators:
Onyekachi Ndubuaku, Maliheh Ghaneei & Dimple Ji

Technical Committee:
Jonelle Jn Baptiste, Chike Okoloekwe, Fatemeh Fallahi Arezodar, Safa Masajedian & Daniel Unsworth

Activities Coordinators and Treasurers:
Abdul Mirdad & Jesús Salazar


What We Do:

We gather all the people who are interested in structural research together to share ideas.

Feel Free to contact us at sgsc.uofa@gmail.com