Yong LiAssistant Professor

Dr Li is mainly fascinated in developing and applying (1) probabilistic and statistical methods to engineering risk/reliability problems, and (2) optimization methods to inverse engineering problems in the field of structural engineering. Engineering risk assessment consists of uncertainty quantification and propagation through physics-based (e.g., nonlinear finite element) and/or data-based modeling. This serves to assist decision-making in the process of probability-based design, retrofit, and maintenance in the face of uncertainty. He is also extensively involved with inverse engineering problems (e.g., structural design optimization, nonlinear FE model updating using field-recorded and experimental data). Specifically, his research interests includes:

  • Mechanics-based nonlinear FE simulation
  • Stochastic modeling of natural hazard loads
  • Probabilistic mechanics and dynamics
  • Risk and reliability analysis
  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Performance-based engineering and innovative engineering solutions
  • Nonlinear system identification and model updating
  • Statistical learning for health monitoring
  • High throughput computing